Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

High blood pressure is often first encountered by women when they reach menopause as this is also the time when they start putting on weight. Blood pressure is a measure of the force that your blood puts on the alls of your arteries. It changes naturally as you move around, exercise or sleep, but the […]

New research has revealed that taking Vitamin D supplements can lower blood pressure and boost fitness levels. Volunteers were given the vitamin every day for two weeks in order to monitor the effect an increase in vitamin D would have on their exercise abilities. All of the volunteers reported the ability to cycle longer with […]

Uncovering the facts behind your blood pressure readings If you have just obtained your blood pressure reading at your doctor recently, you may wonder what these numbers mean. It is not wrong to be completely clueless about the readings. Therefore, here is a simple guide to understanding your blood pressure readings for future reference. Blood […]

As a personal trainer, I take a blood pressure measurement as a regular part of my client’s physical assessment prior to working with them. Most clients I see have no idea what their blood pressure is or what it should be. They come to me to get fit and they do not typically expect a […]

Hypertension, or as it is popularly known throughout the world, High Blood Pressure is one of the most silent yet potent killers today. In fact, one out of every three adults in the UK suffers from this health condition. When someone suffers from this condition, it normally means that the person’s blood pressure levels have […]

High Blood Pressure currently afflicts millions of people in the world today. In fact, one in every three adults in Britain suffers from this condition as well. However, since it is quite common, it is probably not considered as dangerous by many. Perhaps a little description of the way you heart works will help illustrate […]